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How do pheromones work?

Do pheromones actually improve your appeal to others? See scientific studies.

How do pheromones work?

Do pheromones actually improve your appeal to others? See scientific studies.

The sixth sense

The sense of smell is an amazing sense, which enables to receive external stimuli. It turns out that it allows to receive aromatic messages from others, informing us of their emotions or attitudes. This is the only sense informing the subconscious part of the brain, bypassing the area responsible for rational thinking. Each of us has the so-called vomeronasal organ (VNO) in our nose. Pheromones, as volatile aromatic compounds, reach that organ and cause automatic, uncontrolled reproduction and social reactions. VNO neurons are strongly connected with the centres controlling the sexual behaviour and reproductive system functions. It is said to operate in a more primitive, insect-like way, while the main olfactory organ developed later and operates in a totally different way. For short, VNO can be described as an additional olfactory organ, which converts volatile aromatic signals into the relevant body response.

Influence others

Take a look at pheromones as specific chemicals emitted by your body in certain times of your life. When you enjoy yourself, your body produces more Raw Androstenol. When you are aroused, you emit much more sex pheromones. A dominant person emits a lot of Raw Androstenone which makes surrounding people subordinated to them. Raw Androstadienone is produced when the passion needs a boost, while Raw Eratetraenol when a woman wants to be noticed by men and improve a positive attitude to herself.

Cause the effect you dream of

Combining individual pheromones, i.e., Raw Androstadienone, Raw Androstenone, Raw Androstenol, Raw Estratetraenol you can achieve the desired effect depending on what you want. If you want to improve your self-confidence, use Raw Androstenone, while if you want to enjoy more trust of others, use Raw Androstenol. If you want to have more sex appeal, use Raw Estratetraenol. If what you want is flirt or picking up, choose Raw Androstadienone.

Become more attractive

Thanks to pheromones, others perceive you as more attractive, handsome and intriguing. The other sex becomes more open and willing to establish a close relationship with you, unconsciously. Others will not remain indifferent to you when you wear pheromones. They will perceive you as more open, more interesting. The effect is immediate and perceivable both for people you have just met and for your old friends.

All that takes place subconsciously.
You can influence the way you are perceived by others. You may send signals of your sexual readiness, calmness, self-confidence, joy… It is up to you.