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ultrapure technology

Advanced production technology and laboratory-grade purity – all of that makes SINGLE PHEROMONES the purest pheromones worldwide.

The advanced production technology makes SINGLE PHEROMONES the purest pheromones worldwide. Due to the minimisation of aroma these single pheromones become more efficient.

By using Single Pheromones, you can create a pheromone product best matching your personality. Mix pheromones as you like – a drop of desire (Raw Androstadienone), two drops of openness (Raw Androstenol), three drops of sex appeal (Raw Estratetraenol). You decide what effect you want to achieve.

Single Pheromones are an exclusive product line created for customers, who are not satisfied with universal solutions, who want customised, carefully compiled mixtures matching:
  • their own body chemistry,
  • circumstances,
  • their impact on the other person.
Advanced filtration
Cutting-edge, advanced distillation, filtration and crystallisation technology in an experienced laboratory in Cape Town. Each compound is purified three times to remove the unpleasant odour of esters and other impurities, which have an adverse impact on your pheromones’ effect.

Highest purity

With every recrystallisation as much as 25% of the raw material is lost! Just 1 g of the substance takes several weeks to prepare. This is an expensive process. However, it does result in the highest compound purity worldwide, meaning the highest efficiency of pheromone on other people and the lowest level of odour. Most manufacturers do not use an equally advanced process, believing that customers do not care whether the pheromones bought by them are 95% or 99% pure. This does, however contribute greatly to their efficiency and smell. The pheromones with the lowest purity have an unpleasant odour, which may have an adverse effect on the people around you. By using single pheromones you can avoid that.

Standard 99.5%+

Single Pheromones are an extremely pure form of semiochemicals. The production process can be compared to the production of the purest, distilled alcohol brands. You can be certain that the bottle has not been contaminated with any other compounds, which could change the message you are trying to convey. You are using the best-quality product, meeting the highest laboratory ISO standards. These are the highest-quality pheromone synthesis straight from LaCroy Laboratories; Simply pure pheromones with 99.5+ standard.
This results in manufacturing the purest pheromones, which you can buy right from the laboratory.

Get pheromones with the strongest specific aroma, which you can use anywhere without letting others know that you are using them.