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Practical Atomizer

Capacity: 5ml
Performance: 97 full applications
The applied dose of the substance: 52 mcl
Construction: atomizer mechanism screwed on a glass bottle; 5ml glass bottle protected by an aluminum body; atomizer hidden in an aluminum cap with a metal cap; the whole chrioniona black, suede case (without any logos or markings).

Before the first filling, rinse the glass vial with alcohol (possibly water). Tighten tightly after filling.


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Full discretion

Although it looks like a pen, it is not. Under the easily removable cap there is a perfume atomizer! Thanks to it, you can have perfumes and pheromones always at hand

A metal atomizer that looks like a pen. Nobody will know what you keep inside.
In addition to the atomizer, you also get a black, elegant, suede case (without any logos or markings), which not only protects the atomizer, but above all ensures discretion.

How it’s working?
The aluminum body you see in the photo has a glass bottle inside. After unscrewing it, you pour your own perfume or your favorite pheromone mixture into it. Ready. From now on, you always have your own perfumes and pheromones with you. You no longer have to carry around heavy bottles of exclusive perfume that can clump. No more secretly using pheromones! From today you can take your own mixture of perfumes and pheromones wherever you want. Whenever you feel like it. You take the cap off and use it!

Convenience, safety and precision of application

Often, when we are away from home, there is a need to use another application of pheromones or refresh with perfumes – before an important meeting, party, or during it. An atomizer will be a handy tool when you are caring for your scent image. You take a trick out of your jacket and it’s ready.
You can pour any perfume into it. You can mix pheromones in any proportions and have your favorite mixture always with you. What we suggest is purchasing, for example, 2-3 atomizers. Thanks to this, you can pour your favorite perfume for the day into one, perfume for the evening to another, and pheromones to the third. You apply exactly what you need at any time.

The atomizer is the size of a classic pen and fits in any pocket or purse. You can take it with you wherever you go. Also on the plane, where perfumes with a capacity of more than 100 ml are not allowed. The aluminum body protects the glass bottle against accidental impact damage.